Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit with a member of Biology IT system support staff. We will assist you in selecting appropriate hardware, place the order using an Iowa Board of Regents approved contract, and configure the computer with licensed ISU software. All purchases must be made through this process.

Please do not purchase computing equipment at the bookstore as an ISU student would. This will cause delays, as configuration that would have happened automatically will need to be done retroactively and by hand.

Some rooms (e.g., conference rooms in ATRB and some rooms in Science II) are configured with Solstice, a technology that lets you throw your laptop screen wirelessly to a wall-mounted screen. We have instructions for doing this on Macintosh and Windows.

Contact Ann Greazel to talk about your website needs. All faculty within Biology IT supported departments (BBMB, EEOB, ENT, GDCB, NREM, PLPM, MICRO) may have a website at no charge.

Please contact us and we will get you set up with a research storage directory that can be accessed from anywhere. Storage is provide by ISU's Large Scale Storage system. The first 2TB is 100% subsidized by the College.

If you have a desktop computer, please leave your computer powered on; simply log off at the end of the day. It is the times that the computer is on but you are not using it that backups and software security updates happen. Your computer uses very little energy when idling, and our default energy management settings put your monitors to sleep after a short time.

You should restart your computer about once a week.