How to Install Solstice Client for Wireless Presentations (Windows)


This tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily install Solstice, which is necessary for throwing your screen wirelessly to a Solstice-capable display, such as those found in the Advanced Teaching and Research Building (ATRB).

You only have to go through this process once. After that you can just start the Solstice software, which will remember previous displays you have connected to for quick access. Throw all those adapters away! VGA? HDMI? Minidisplayport? Who cares? Just connect directly to the display with no cables.

The steps below are for Windows computers. If you have a Mac, see the Macintosh-specific instructions.

Step 1: Open Microsoft System Center - Software Center

Open Software Center from Start Menu

The Software Center is how you install software on your computer. If you cannot find Software Center, please read the note at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Search for Solstice and Click Install

Select Solstice in Software Center

Step 3: Confirm Installation of Solstice

Confirm Installation of Solstice

Step 4: Wait for Progress Bar

Wait for Solstice Installation

When the installation has completed, the Cancel button will change to an Uninstall button:

Solstice Completed Installation

Step 5: Optionally Pin Solstice to Taskbar

The Solstice Client icon should appear on your Desktop. You can also find it via the Start menu like you'd expect.

Most people will probably want quick access to the Solstice Client by pinning it to their taskbar. You can do this by right-clicking the Solstice Client:

Pinning Solstice to Taskbar

The icon should then appear on your taskbar:

Solstice Client on Taskbar

Start the client for the first time so you can personalize it:

Personalize Solstice Client

If you are installing Solstice for use in the future, you are now done. The instructions below are for when you actually want to connect to a Solstice-enabled display.

Step 6: Connect to a Solstice Display

Use the touch panel (usually next to the display) to turn the display on and select Solstice as the input.

Display panel to turn on display

After you have started the Solstice Client, you will be able to enter the IP address of the display you are connecting to. This IP address contains numbers and periods (example: Which IP address should you enter? The one shown on the display you are connecting to.

Enter IP of Solstice Display

Step 7: Enter the Key

A random key will be displayed on the screen. You must type in this key. This is to keep people from accidentally connecting to the display; you must be in front of the display and see the random key to connect.

Entering Solstice key

Step 8: Decide What to Display

Deciding What to Share with Solstice

You can share your entire desktop or just a particular application, like PowerPoint.

Step 9: Disconnect When Done

Disconnecting from Solstice Display

Don't forget to disconnect when you are finished. No one wants to see a big display of you checking your email out in the hallway after the meeting is over!

Troubleshooting: No Self Service Application?

All university-owned computers that are supported by Biology IT have the Self Service application on Macintosh or Software Center on Windows.

If you are using a university-owned computer supported by Biology IT that does not have these programs, something has gone horribly wrong and you should contact Biology IT for support.

If you are using your own personal laptop or device, you can still install the Solstice client. However, you will need to run the installer on your own. You can retrieve the installer by opening a web browser and following the instructions on the Solstice display you are connecting to, or downloading directly from