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Biology IT is a collaborative effort of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

We work with faculty, staff and graduate students in the biological sciences to ensure that their computing experience is fast, stable and secure. We provide system support, backup, software licensing, web development, research IT consulting and access to high-performance computers. More about


Luggage is a managed stable release of Drupal 7.x coupled with several features that together make a platform.

The overriding design goal for the Luggage Platform are discrete fully functional features that are independent of the platform and any Drupal theme. When the individual features are combined together a full-featured academic platform emerges.

Read Luggage Documentation.

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Featured Projects

The Wildlife Extension and Outreach website is built on the Luggage Drupal platform and uses the Suitcase theme. Wildlife's mission is to education Iowans about local wildlife and their habitats to ensure positive interactions and a sustainable future.

The Horticulture and Home Pest News website serves as a hub of expert information about gardening, landscaping, lawn care, home pest management, and much more. HortNews is built with the Luggage Drupal platform with the Suitcase theme from Biology IT.

The Integrated Crop Management website is built with Luggage, Biology IT's Drupal-based platform. ICM provides extensive information about crops, pests, and soils in the form of resource directories, blog posts by experts, peer-reviewed updateds, and general news.