Self Service and Software Center


Installing Software

Biology IT provides a method to install software on university-owned computers without requiring IT assistance or administrative rights.  We are constantly offering new software packages available for Biology IT supported systems.  For MacOS systems this application is called Self Service and for Windows systems the application is called Software Center.  To use Self Service or Software Center you must be on the ISU campus network or connected by VPN.

MacOS - Self Service

Watch the video tutorial on how to install software using MacOS - Self Service.

Open Self Service from the Applications folder. If you cannot find Self Service, please contact us.

Find the software you wish to install by using the search bar in the upper left or click a category on the left hand side.

Screenshot of the Self Service application

After using the search box, click Install next to the item you wish to install. 

Screenshot of using Self Service to find an application


Screenshot that shows installation prompt for Adobe Illustrator

While the application is installing, a progress bar will show.

Screenshot showing application installation progress for Adobe Illustrator

When Self Service is finished the application, you will see a notification that is is complete and ready to be used.  Depending on the application installed, it may also appear in your dock.

Screenshot showing application installation has completed for Adobe Illustrator

There is a screencast at the bottom of this page if you would like to see the above steps demonstrated.

Windows - Software Center

Watch the video tutorial on how to install software using Windows - Software Center.

Open Software Center by going to Start Menu -> Microsoft System Center -> Software Center.

Find the software you wish to install by using the search bar in the upper right or looking for it using the sort by or other filters.

Click on the application you want to install.  It will tell you more details about the application including version, estimated time to install, and size.  Click Install and wait for it to finish.

A notification should appear when it is finished installing.  Go the the Start Menu to find your new software.