Biology IT Computer Catalog

Iowa State University-owned computers must be purchased through the Iowa Board of Regents contract.

Biology IT maintains a catalog of standard configurations that we consider to be the best for performance, security, and reliability.

While the standard configurations will work for most people, please contact us for a consultation if you have special requirements.

If you would like to make a purchase, please contact with the worktags you would like to use.

We will order the hardware, configure it for use on the Iowa State network, and deliver it to you with Self Service/Software Center already set up.

Please work with us to order printers. Some printer models are not designed for the campus environment and will cause major headaches.

Please be aware that items in the catalog are estimates, and price and availability is subject to change.

Download: Biology IT Computer Catalog FY2024.5.pdf

(Updated 5/7/2024)