Reserving a Room in ATRB

See the following instructions to see room calendars in ATRB using your web browser, Outlook (Windows), and Outlook (Mac). These instructions are for the following ATRB rooms: 2001, 2023, 2312, 3023, 3312, 4001, 4023 

What you are doing in these tutorials is finding a room calendar for a specific room in ATRB and then adding the calendar to your list of calendars. That way you can view the calendar easily to see when times are available.

To actually make a reservation create an appointment on your calendar and then invite the room (example: ATRB 2001) as an attendee. The Location will then populate with the room.


If you have additional questions about room reservation please email ATRB 1330 room reservations should only be created by emailing

Using Your Web Browser to View a Room Calendar

Log in to using your Iowa State University credentials.

Select the calendar icon:

Screenshot of Office 365 sidebar

Click on Add Calendar:

Screenshot of Add calendar button

Select Add from directory, then select your email for an account to search from.

Type "ATRB [room number]" to select the calendar.  It should search as you type, but you may need to click Search Directory and then click open. 

The calendar is now added and you can select it at the left to view it.

Screenshot of radio button


Using Microsoft Outlook on Windows to View a Room Calendar

Open Microsoft Outlook, click on Calendar, then click on the Open Calendar button.  

Screenshot of Outlook toolbar

Select From Room List... in the resulting menu to open this dialog box:

Once the dialog box to search for rooms is open, do these four steps to view the calendar for the room you wish to reserve:

  1. Type "ATRB" in the search field.
  2. Click the room you wish to reserve. In this case 'ATRB 2001 (80) [PPEM]’
  3. Click Rooms.
  4. Click OK.

You have now added the room to your list of calendars. Now you can view the room's calendar and request a reservation.

Using Microsoft Outlook on Mac to View a Room Calendar

To reserve a room, open Microsoft Outlook. Then click on the Calendar button in the lower left corner.

Screenshot of Outlook on Mac

To add a room calendar so you can see existing reservations:

Click the three dots next to People's Calendars.

Click Add Shared Calendar.

Screenshot of Mac Outlook

This will open a dialog box where you can search for your shared calendar:

Screenshot of Outlook calendar search dialog

The calendar will now show up as a choice in your left sidebar. Make sure it is selected:

Screenshot of radio button