SSH Terminal Access


To log into the terminal you will need to use an ssh client. SSH stands for Secure Shell, and it is the primary method for interacting with remote Unix/Linux machines. Any computer running Linux or Mac OS X should have access to the ssh client resident on the system. Any computer running Windows will need to have an SSH client downloaded. We recommend the PuTTY ssh client. The client can be downloaded from the previous link.

Note: There have been several reports about malicious attempts to hack into computers by providing modified PuTTY binaries. Please only download this from the above link; this is the main download repository for PuTTY.


Here's what you need:

  1. Some SSH client installed on your computer
  2. Your login username and password. If this is your first time logging in, your temporary password is provided as part of your Google authenticator set-up process.
  3. Your Google authenticator token generator (typically, this is your cell phone).

Accessing the terminal via Windows

  1. Download PuTTY from or the previous link. The "putty.exe" download is good for basic SSH, as it functions without installing any packages.
  2. Save the download to some location in your user directory. It would be a good idea to place this somewhere other than your Downloads folder, as items in this folder may be deleted at some point.
  3. Double-click the putty.exe program to launch the application.
    • Note: You may receive a warning that the publisher cannot be verified. If you have downloaded this program from a source linked on this page, it should be safe to select Run.
  4. Enter your connection settings:
    • Host Name:
    • Port: 22
    • Connection Type: SSH
  5. ​Click Open to start your SSH session.
  6. If this is your first time connecting to this server from this computer, you will receive an alert similar to the one below. Accept the connection by selecting Yes.
  7. Once the SSH Connection is open, you should see a terminal prompt asking for your username.
  8. Next, you will be asked for your Verification token. This is your Google authenticator token for Type that in here. 
  9. Next, enter your password. Please note that you will NOT see your cursor moving, or any characters typed (such as ******), when typing your password. This is a standard PuTTY security feature. Hit enter.
  10. You are now logged into the server with SSH. You can begin typing commands at the prompt.