Spack Based Software Modules
The software you need for bioinformatics or high-performance computing is probably already available for you to use with a few quick commands. No need to compile software from scratch.
ATRB Room Scheduling
Room scheduling for ATRB (Advanced Teaching and Research Building).
Network Attached Storage
Please contact us and we'll be happy to help you find the right storage solution.
Genome Informatics Facility
The Genome Informatics Facility of the Iowa State University Office of Biotechnology
Running the BLAST job in parallel
Split the input sequence file into multiple pieces and run the BLAST search simultaneously on each of the split file.
Gnu Parallel - Parallelize Serial Command Line Programs Without Changing Them
This site gives a good explanation of how to get started using Gnu Parallel, which can be used to break up data files into chunks that can be run concurrently rather than serially processing through the entire file.
Noam Ross | Vectorization in R: Why?
An explanation of why vectorizing your R code often results in improved performance.
start [Big Data]
…the catchphrase used to describe information sets that have extreme volume, variety, and velocity. Additional descriptors that have emerged include veracity, variability, and complexity. ‘Big Data analysis’ conveys the concept of extreme information management. Research conducted by ISU scientists is complex, collaborative, and multidisciplinary.
High Performance Computing
The High Performance Computing facility in Durham Center provides access to petascale systems that support large-scale computing needs for scientific and instructional endeavors at Iowa State University. View a list of systems and equipment.
Using Omics Pipe — Omics Pipe v1.1.3 Documentation
Omics Pipe is a Python framework for automating ‘best practice’ next generation sequencing pipelines. Omics Pipe can be run from the command-line by providing it with a YAML parameter file specifying your directory structure and software specific parameters. This executes a parallel automated pipeline on a Distributed Resource Management system (local cluster or Amazon Web Services (AWS)) that efficiently handles job resource allocation, monitoring and restarting.
Code School - Try Git
Got 15 minutes and want to learn the basics of Git?
Git Workflows and Tutorials
Learn the basics of common Git workflows used by enterprise teams and assess their ability to fit your individual needs in this Atlassian Git tutorial.