Jennifer D Johnson

Systems Analyst II
Jennifer Johnson photo

As part of the Biology IT team, I am the resident Jamf Pro administrator that works to make our Mac and iOS devices work well in our academic and research environment.  I also provide desktop system support for Windows and Red Hat Linux workstations along with specialized scientific equipment attached to computers.  I like to make and use automation tools to provide a better experience for our users and make my job easier.  I started my IT career while still in high school, pulling cat5 and punching down patch panels.  I'm still learning new things every day.

My interests revolve totally around electronics, computers and engineering.  I'm a licensed general class amateur radio operator, KC0IEN and I'm also a private pilot and staff advisor for the Ames Flyers an ISU student organization.   

Area of Expertise: 
Systems Administration
Computer Support
Jamf Pro
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University, 2005
M.Engineering, Systems Engineering, Iowa State University, in progress
+1 515 294 6369
114 Gilman