Okta is coming to Iowa State. What does this mean to you? Two things:

The Single-Signon Page is Changing

This is what the old single-signon page looked like:

Old single-signon page

This is what the new single-signon page will look like starting March 1:

New single-signon page

Why is it important that you know this? So that you do not think that it is a phishing scam.

Log In and Create Your Okta Dashboard

One of the nice things about Okta is that it creates a nice dashboard with ISU services that you might commonly use, like ASW (Account Services on the Web) or your free Wall Street Journal subscription (did you know you get a free subscription through ISU)?

Here are the steps to create your Okta account and dashboard.

1. Go to https://login.iastate.edu where you will see the new login screen shown above.

2. Enter your ISU netid and your password

3. If you would like to be able to reset your password using your mobile phone instead of having to call the Solution Center, click on the Add Phone Number button as shown below. If you don't have a cell phone you could choose the voice call option instead.

Note: ITS is still changing the first-time logon workflow. If you do not see the screens in steps 3-6, below, jump to step 7. You can see these screens by clicking on your name and then Settings after you have successfully created your account.

Choosing cell phone

4. Enter the phone number that should receive a text message when you need to reset your password.

Cell phone number entry

5. A code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code into your web browser to verify that you've received it, then click Done.

Code verified

6. You have successfully added your cell phone number to receive password resets. Click on Create My Account.

Create account

7. You should now arrive at your Okta Dashboard. From now on any time you go to https://login.iastate.edu you will end up at your Dashboard. Things are a little sparse right now because you haven't added any Apps yet.

Okta Dashboard

A note on the "Activate Multifactor Authentication" dashboard item. If you wish to be very secure, you can enroll in multifactor authentication (though it is not required at this time). This means that each time you log in, you will be prompted not only for your username and password but also to use a third factor, such as a smartphone. Activating multifactor authentication is a one-way door; once you do it you cannot undo it. If you work with data that has a High data classification (such as student records) chances are that we have either worked with you to go through this process or that we will be talking to you soon. If you do choose to activate multifactor authentication, be sure to sign up for more than one factor. For example, enroll both your cell phone and your desktop phone. Otherwise if you accidentally put your cell phone through the wash and it is your only additional factor, you will not be able to log in any more without help from the Solution Center.

8. One of the nice things about Okta is that you get a dashboard to click on your favorite often-used web applications. Here's an example where we add a dashboard item to get to Lynda.com. Click on the blue Add Apps button and choose Lynda.com. Then click Add.

Lynda button

Click the Home icon to return to your Dashboard: Home icon

9. The Lynda.com item is now added to your Dashboard. You can now get to Lynda.com by clicking on the Lynda.com item on your Okta Dashboard, and you will be automatically logged in to Lynda.com when you arrive.

Hopefully the information above clarifies what Okta is and how it will be used at Iowa State University. If you have further questions, please contact your IT support person for assistance.

Note: Some of the Apps require the use of an Okta Browser Plugin. If you cannot install this plugin in your browser, please contact Biology IT for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a cell phone to create my Okta account?

No. You can skip the part about cell phones and just create your account. If you need your password reset you can call the Solution Center just like we've always done.

Will I need a cell phone or USB stick or something to log into my computer?

The transition to Okta is for web applications only. You will continue to log into your computer just like you normally do.

What's the big deal? It seems like I just need to log in once with my netid and password?

You are correct. Now that the requirement for multifactor authentication has been removed, this transition is really not a big deal. You just need to set up your account by visiting https://login.iastate.edu once and that's it.

I clicked the link but it keeps coming back to this page. Why?

Some people have reported that using the Microsoft Edge web browser does not work for the initial login. Instead, use Google Chrome or Firefox to log into https://login.iastate.edu the first time. After that, Microsoft Edge seems to work too.

I have a desktop computer and a laptop. Do I need to do this on every computer?

Since Okta is web-based, you only have to do it once. After that Okta will work for you from any computer that has a web browser and internet access.