Video Pages


How to add a video page to your website

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add video content to your Luggage website. The video content type essentially allows you to add a video to your site and still have the same fields as the page content type. The video will appear in the top of the page.

Step 1: Creating new Video content

Under the administration menu, select Content > Add Content > Video

video content type

Step 2: Add information to the fields

We will cover specifically, the video field. For information regarding all other fields, please see the Creating a Page tutorial.

Select the video drop down.

video dropdown

Paste the link of your YouTube or Vimeo video into the Video URL field.

Both YouTube and Vimeo provide a Share button you can select to find the link to your video.

YouTube Share Button

Youtube Share Button

Vimeo Share Button

Vimeo Share Button

Paste the link in the URL field

Video Link


Save button.

Add a transcript or captioning. This field is required as it applies to the Web Accessibility AA standard.

transcript field

Congratulations! You have just created Video content!

Your video page will look something like the following:

Finished video example