Text Formatting


How to use text formatting tools on a website

Step 1: Locate the text formatting buttons

The most frequently-used functionality of the WYSIWYG toolbar is probably the basic text formatting options: bold, italic, and underline. These buttons are located in between the superscript button and the quote button:

Screenshot of body text with text formatting buttons highlighted

Note: the underline format will not be available, even if it appears to be present in the text editor box before you save. This tutorial will cover only the features available for use.

Step 2: Utilize the text formatting tools

To bold or italicize your font, simply select the text you want to format...

highlighted body text

...and click the bold or italic button.

Highlighted bold body text

Voilà! Now you have formatted text. Simply save your changes to view the final product.

Additional tip: Holding Shift key while selecting the Return key will make a soft return.