Sending Your Site's Content to Multisearch


Each Luggage site has a robust faceted search thanks to the luggage_solr feature.

But what if you want to search multiple Luggage sites at once, including faceted search by the combined categories and tags from each site? This tutorial shows you how to set up a Luggage site to send its content to a combined search server.

Make Sure Apachesolr Multisite Module is Installed and Enabled

Enable Apachesolr Multisite Search

Add an Additional Search Environment

Navigate to Configuration / Search and Metadata / Apache Solr Search and click the Settings tab. Click Add Search Environment since the goal is to add a new search environment addition to the default Solr server.

Add Search Environment

The Solr Server URL field is where you point to the Solr core that contains all of the content for all of the sites that participate in your multi-site search. In this example, the name of the core is "search". So this site will now index content to a site-specific Solr core named "ent" in the Default search environment and an additional core named "search" in the Multisearch environment.

Search Environment Settings

You are now ready to send content to the new Multisearch Solr core. But you have to selecte which kinds of content will be indexed. To do that, go to the Index management page for the Multisearch search environment:

Link to Multisearch Index

On the resulting page you can select the conent types to send:

Select Content to Index

If you do nothing, cron will eventually send all your content. But if you are impatient you can click the button to Queue all content for reindexing and then click the Index all queued content button.

Force Reindex

This will send your content to your new Multisearch Solr core immediately:

Multisearch Progress