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Orth Research Group

Screenshot of the Orth homepage

I have used the Luggage platform to create a new departmental homepage and it works just great. Keeping the website up to date has been especially easy within Luggage, as responsibilities are shared among various users that are free to create their own content on the subpages they own. Style is modern and information is well displayed. The very good search function is a big plus. Getting monthly feedback about the usage of our website has been useful to optimize the parts that are accessed more frequently. -- Peter Orth


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Soybean Research Laboratory

Screenshot of the podcast page.

The Soybean Research Laboratory serves as a hub for field entomologists to collaborate on topics relevant to landscape ecology and IPM. Luggage and Suitcase Interim provide tools to make it easier.

I really appreciate the BIT group because they make building and revising websites so easy! The Luggage platform is easy to use, even for a non-technical people. Our group feels comfortable adding and modifying content, and the BIT group is quick to answer any questions we have regarding our website. -- Erin Hodgson


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Horticulture and Home Pest News

The Horticulture and Home Pest News website serves as a hub of expert information about gardening, landscaping, lawn care, home pest management, and much more. HortNews is built with the Luggage Drupal platform with the Suitcase theme from Biology IT.

After years (or was it decades) of struggling with an adequate but cumbersome web site for creating the Horticulture and Home Pest Newsletter, the BIO IT crew rolled a new, efficient newsletter website into the overall make-over of the diverse and duplicative consumer horticulture websites. Now our Extension horticulture information for home gardeners is gathered into one location with clear and easy access to the various components. The E-newsletter, specifically, is much easier and quicker to create now that web operations are intuitive and logical. -- Donald Lewis


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