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Merging Terms in Taxonomy-Manager

Note: This tutorial is for websites which use the Taxonomy Manager

How to merge terms in the taxonomy-manager

Step 1: Search for the terms you want to merge

searching for terms

Select the vocabulary list and type the name of the term.

Note: Terms may have similar names so use the tid numbers for reference.

Luggage_isu 3.6.12-6.12 Released

Luggage_isu 3.6.12-6.12 has been released (along with its upstream, Luggage 3.6.12).

This release incorporates Drupal 7.71 which fixes an issue with AJAX components such as file upload and multi-value form fields on Google Chrome. It also updates both the CKEditor contrib module and CKEditor Javascript library to the latest for the following security advisory:


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Login - Changing who can edit your website

How to change who can log in to your websites

Luggage uses the luggage_isushib feature to provide access control. This feature uses authentication from Shibboleth (Okta) to provide a list of users who are allowed to log into the site.

To change who is allowed to log in, use the "Change who may access this site" menu item: