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Hero Banner with Logo Row

Add a row of 3 or 4 small panels (great for partner logos) to go with a hero banner and a 'grow' panel.

Large Central Area with Sidebar

Allow for a large piece of functionality with extra details in the sidebar. (Interested in a mapping app? Just ask.)

Mini Panels

The Mega Panels module bundled with Luggage allows site builders to create Panel layouts and place them in blocks. 

Example Mini Panels

In this example a Mini Panel block contains a Mega Panels layout. Each pane contains a Custom Block with a link styled as a button.

Multiple Ways to Find Pages

All content in Luggage can be found multiple ways, which makes navigating websites easier for everyone to use.


Luggage's powerful faceted search allows users to search all content in a few different ways:

  • By keyword
  • By category
  • By tag
  • By content type

There's no need to know exactly where a page exists in the page structure.

Resize Text

The Suitcase theme allows users to increase the text size to up to 200%. When text is resized, it resizes proportionally and the layout of pages and components is not compromised. 

Try it yourself!

iOS: hold down Command and tap + until the text is 200% bigger.

Windows: hold down CTRL and tap + until the text is 200% bigger.

Logging Into Your Website

Log into your website by adding "login" to the end of the URL.

For example, if your website is at you would log in at

You will use the familiar single-signon screen provided by Iowa State University central ITS to enter your ISU netid and password, then you will return to your website and will be logged in.

You can check if you are logged in by the presence of a black bar at the top of the screen with menu items like "Content".

If you have trouble logging into your website, please contact

Suitcase Interim 1.1.0 Released

The Biology IT team has released a significant update to Suitcase Interim, the Drupal 7 version of the ISU theme. This release is focused on a complete refactor of the theme's CSS to create a codebase that's easier for developers to maintain.

This release also includes some minor cosmetic and usability improvements. For more details, see the full release notes on github.

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