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Luggage 2.3 Release Coming Soon

October 3, 2014

The upstream fixes in Luggage will be flowing downstream to Luggage-ISU soon.

This includes improvements to the Suitcase theme, a new Projects feature, and the People Expertise view.

Our estimated release time is end-of-week October 6, 2014.

Luggage_isu 2.5.0-2.1 Released

This release includes fixes in Suitcase

Notice - Following this release, Luggage will be branched into the 2.x.x and the 3.x.x (development) branches.

  • The 2.x.x branch will contain the Pubcookie authentication but will
    not see any new bug fixes just security patches.

  • The 3.x.x (development) branch will contain the Shibboleth authentication and
    will represent the new development branch.