Video created by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach IT

How to schedule content for publishing

By default announcements (and the banners) are not published. Sometimes, it is desirable to schedule it to be published at a later time automatically.  For example, you may want to automatically publish an announcement detailing a new publication that has embargo restrictions that lift at midnight. With the scheduling feature, you can schedule the announcement to automatically get published after midnight.

It also works the other way. You can schedule an announcement to become unpublished after a certain date/time. For example, you may have an announcement advertising a lecture. Once the lecture is over, you don't want it to be advertised anymore. You can set it to be unpublished after the event begins or is over.

Step 1: Fill out required fields

To schedule a content type for publication, you can set the times in the "Scheduling options" vertical tab at the bottom of the announcement form.

Select 'Scheduling options' at the bottom of the page to enter dates and times to publish and unpublish content

Note: Publishing and unpublishing on a schedule happens through cron. This means that the publishing/unpublishing will happen on the first cron run after the date/time specified. For example, if your site's cron is configured to run once per hour at the top of the hour and you schedule content to publish at 12:01am, it will not actually be published until the next cron run at 1:00am (59 minutes later than expected).