Reviewing Content and Getting the Most from your Website Data

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 10:00am to 10:40am
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analytics screenshotIt's time to clean out that digital closet! During this webinar we will discuss some new ways to look at your content! A fresh perspective may be just the ticket to enhance and organize your website information.

In my house, we focus on three main buckets when cleaning up a closet. We will use these same concepts to discuss website clean-up! 

1. Keep - this is the content that is your core information, just like your core wardrobe items that stay in your closet all year.
2. Throw - These are the items that are no longer useful and can be deleted, just like the worn out items from a closet that can be thrown away.
3. Give Away - These are the content pieces that can be "given" to another page and merged in elsewhere or re-usable content that can be unpublished now and used later, just like the items from that closet that others can use.

Last year we spent time learning about the analytical data that you receive in a report each month. This webinar will be focused on a couple specific data points that can help us determine which "bucket" our content belongs!

Check out this recorded webinar below.