Quotes and Lists


How to utilize the quote and list buttons

Do you need to indent a section of your content, such as a block quote? Or do you have a list of items that you want offset from the rest of your text? The CK Editor allows you to perform both functions. This tutorial will walk you through both actions.

Step 1: Making a Quote

The quote button is located between the underline button and the bulleted list button. It is useful when you want to indent part of your text.

Screenshot of body text with quote button highlighted

When you click on the quote button the text in your CK Editor will be indented. However, the styling will change when you save the page. Here is what the quote looks like in the CK Editor:

Text in quotes while editing

After you save the page, your quote will look like this:

Finished text in quotes


Step 2: Creating a List

If you need to offset a list from the rest of your content, you have two options: a bulleted list and a numbered list. Here is where the list buttons are located in the CK Editor:

Scrrenshot of body text with bulleted and numbered list buttons highlighted

To make a list, highlight the text and press the bulleted or numbered list button. Make sure that every point is followed by a carriage return. The text editor will detect the carriage returns and make each paragraph into a point on your list. When you make your text into a list, it becomes offset like this:

Bulleted list while editing

Step 3: View the saved content

Here is what a bulleted list looks like on the page:

Finished bulletted list

By comparison, here is what the numbered list looks like:

Finished numbered list

Text inside of a list can be formatted like any other body text. You can add links, a quote, special characters, headers, or text formatting.