Productions, Show Credits, and Production Members


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a production, show credits and production members (cast and crew). On each production, there will be a congregated list of the members involved and links to their production member profiles.

Adding a Production 

Step One: Creating the Production

Using the menu bar at the top of the page, hover over “Content”, then “Add Content” and then select “Production.” (Note: your menu may look slightly different)

Content menu

Production example Step Two: Add Information to Fields

The first field is the "Title". This is what will appear at the top of the Production page. The title is also the largest heading. All you need to fill in this box is the title, the year will be selected next.

The next field is the Season. Select the season in which the production took place. After that, add the dates of the show. Start time is required, but you do not have to enter an end time. If you don’t want to put in the end date, make sure the “Show End Date” box is unchecked.

See the example to the right. 

Step Three: Uploading a Poster and Adding Description

Next upload the poster image for the production. The recommended file size is 640px by 360px.  Select “Choose File,” choose the production you want and press open. It is important that you press the “Upload” button after this.

Note: this is the poster that will display on the “Theatre Productions” page.

Next add a description of the show in the “Body” box.

Production poster and body

Step Four: Publicity Information

After the “Body” field, there is the option to add publicity information. An example of how one might fill this section out is below. You can easily link to websites and even your own content*. By adding this information here and not in the “Body” field, it will be pulled to a different part of the page to showcase it more clearly.

publicity info example

*If you need help linking your desired materials, you can visit the Luggage Docs Tutorials Linking/Unlinking page and/or our File Uploads page.


Adding Credits

Once the previous fields are filled out, you will come across the credits field. Here is where the cast and crew show credits will be added. To do this, first select “New Content.”

*NOTE: It would be helpful to add all additional lines for credits before you begin adding credits as it will save you a great deal of time. You can do this by using the drop down menu for adding more rows and selecting the number you wish to add. You can add up to 50 at once. Click "Add more rows" after you have selected how many you would like to add. 

Credits and add more items button

This will take you to a different page where you will create the credit.

blank credits page

First you will need to fill in the name of the person you are creating a credit for. If the person has already been credited in a different production, their name should appear in a drop down (see example).  If they are not, see "Adding a Production Member" below.

Selecting a premade production member

After adding their name, select the type of credit they have and type in the name of the role they played. Some may repeat, and this is completely fine. Then scroll down to press save and you will be taken back to the production’s page where you will see your newly made credit.

Example credit


Adding a Production Member

If your cast/crew member’s name does not appear in the credit page’s “Production Member” box, you will need to create their production member profile. This is very simple.

From the credits page, you will select “New Content” next to the name box. This will take you to the Production Member page.

Creating a production member

Here, fill out the person’s name and have the option to add a headshot and a description. The only required field is the name. After this, press save and you will be taken back to the credits page where you will notice that the profile you just created will show up in the “Production Member” box. You need not do anything else in that box, just fill out the “Credit Type” and “Role” fields.

Credit example

After pressing save, you will be taken back to the productions page where you will see your newly created credit along with any others you have already made. 

Accumulated credits


Finally, after you have added everything that you need, press save. You will then be able to view your completed production page. 

Completed Production page