How to create a page for your website

In this tutorial, you will learn about the page content type. The page content type is for any basic information, such as informative pieces, that do not fall into one of the other content types; announcement, event, news, people or resource.

Step 1: Creating a Page

Under the administration menu, select Content > Add Content > Page 

Image of Add Content > Page


Step 2: Add Information to Fields

To start creating a page fill out the required fields.  

The first is the title. Make the title unique so that search will find the page.  

Image of "Title" field

Next, Choose the Category that your page best fits into and add tags to describe your information.  

You may select multiple categories by holding "Command" on a Mac or "Control" on a PC.

Image of Selecting a Category and Creating Tags

The "Tags" text box auto fills as you type. Remember to select a term from the drop down if it pertains, instead of making a new one if you can. If you do not see an appropriate term in the drop down, then you may type a new term and it will be added to the list. Then, it will appear in the drop down next time. 

Image of Tags drop down terms

Enter the body text. View the Using the CK Editor tutorial for more information.

Image of Body field text

View tutorials on Adding Images and Uploading Files for additional information.

Be sure to click "Save" to submit your changes and save your page.

Image of "Save" button

Step 2: Add a Summary

A summary is used in search results on your site. If you would like more control over what information is shown in the search results (teaser), you can use the summary. By default, if you do not enter a summary the text in your page will be trimmed to 600 characters.  If you have less than 600 characters in your text, it will use all of the text.

Above the body text box, select "Edit Summary".

Image of "Edit Summary" link

A new text box will appear called "Summary".  

Enter your desired summary or teaser.  

Image of "Hide summary" link

Be sure to select "Save".

If you decide to use the default for a summary/teaser, select "Hide Summary" at the top left hand corner of the text box. Be sure to select "Save".

Congratulations! You've just created a page on your Luggage site!

If you have questions about this tutorial, please contact Ann Greazel by emailing