Page Order


Order settings are used minimally on Luggage. There are only a few features that allow you to change the order: menu items, category items, and project pages. This tutorial will teach you how page order can help you organize your projects.

The page order field can be found near the bottom of your project page editor. If I create a new project, this is the value of the page order field that I will see:

Screenshot of page order field

Page order reorders your projects according to its value. The higher the value, the lower your project will appear in the view. Higher values make the page "heavier," meaning that the page sinks to the bottom.

Your page order can be any value from -100 to 100. If you have a project that you really want your users to be able to see and you know that you will never have a project that will be higher priority, make its value -100. It will appear at the top of the project view regardless of how many other projects you add. On the other hand, if you have older or lower priority projects, give them a weight of 100 and they will appear at the very end of the project view every time.

The default page order value is 0. If you don't care what order your pages are in, leave all of your projects at 0. However, if you have projects that are more important, give them a lower value. If you have projects that are less important, give them a higher value. If I have three projects that have order values of 50, 0, and -50, this is the order they would be displayed in the project view:

Screenshot of page order field

Screenshot of page order field

Screenshot of page order field

One final note: the page order value is not visible on the actual project itself. So, you may know the project weight but none of your users will. Congratulations, now you know how to order projects!

If you have questions about this tutorial, please contact Ann Greazel by emailing