Shibboleth WebSIG Presentation

Below is the presentation given by John VanDyk at the February 26, 2015 Web Special Interest Group meeting at Iowa State University. The Luggage_ISU 3.x releases support Shibboleth.

Screenshot for Shibboleth Presentation Download

Luggage_isu 2.5.0-2.1 Released

This release includes fixes in Suitcase

Notice - Following this release, Luggage will be branched into the 2.x.x and the 3.x.x (development) branches.

  • The 2.x.x branch will contain the Pubcookie authentication but will
    not see any new bug fixes just security patches.

  • The 3.x.x (development) branch will contain the Shibboleth authentication and
    will represent the new development branch.

Luggage 2.3 Release Coming Soon

October 3, 2014

The upstream fixes in Luggage will be flowing downstream to Luggage-ISU soon.

This includes improvements to the Suitcase theme, a new Projects feature, and the People Expertise view.

Our estimated release time is end-of-week October 6, 2014.


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