Luggage for Drupal 8

Several people have inquired on the status of Luggage for Drupal 8. While Drupal 8 core has been released, Luggage depends on numerous additional modules to provide functionality. Here is a snapshot that shows where the development of these dependent modules stands as of today.

New Podcast Feature Now Available

image of podcast featureThe web team has developed a new Podcast feature! This feature allows for easy podcast playback along with the ability to incorporate related links and images for your podcast subscribers.​ Learn more!

Luggage_isu 3.2.4-4.0 Released

Merged with upstream Luggage 3.2.4. Suitcase now has better support for a site symbol, color changes, and some elements can be hidden.

Please note: this release includes an update that may touch public files. If you run `drush updb` and your site has a custom logo, you may want to verify the permissions on public://suitcase_config to make sure the web server has permissions to write to that directory and files.

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