Luggage_isu 3.6.12-6.12 Released

Luggage_isu 3.6.12-6.12 has been released (along with its upstream, Luggage 3.6.12).

This release incorporates Drupal 7.71 which fixes an issue with AJAX components such as file upload and multi-value form fields on Google Chrome. It also updates both the CKEditor contrib module and CKEditor Javascript library to the latest for the following security advisory:


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Luggage_isu 3.6.0-6.0 Released

This release includes many bug fixes and improvements. Requiring Alt text is better enforced, beans are now included, and many accessibility improvements have been made. Updated suitcase_interim to 1.2.0. isushib now allows blocking users.


A full list of changes to Luggage_isu can be found in LUGGAGE_ISU_CHANGELOG.txt

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Suitcase Interim 1.1.0 Released

The Biology IT team has released a significant update to Suitcase Interim, the Drupal 7 version of the ISU theme. This release is focused on a complete refactor of the theme's CSS to create a codebase that's easier for developers to maintain.

This release also includes some minor cosmetic and usability improvements. For more details, see the full release notes on github.

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