Multiple Ways to Find Pages


All content in Luggage can be found multiple ways, which makes navigating websites easier for everyone to use.


Luggage's powerful faceted search allows users to search all content in a few different ways:

  • By keyword
  • By category
  • By tag
  • By content type

There's no need to know exactly where a page exists in the page structure.


A common content strategy pattern is to organize different pages in a menu structure, where pages can be parent pages visible in a main menu, or child page which are nested under parent pages. 

Site Map

Luggage automatically generates a site map which reveals a website's entire menu structure in a list of links. This allows the user to see the entire site structure without clicking through a menu.

Site Index

Luggage also auto-generates a Site Index, which provides an alphabetical listing of content tags. What is a tag?


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