Luggage_isu 3.6.11-6.11 Released


Luggage_isu 3.6.11-6.11 has been released (along with its upstream, Luggage 3.6.11).

This release incorporates Drupal 7.69 which addresses the following security advisories:


A full list of changes to Luggage_isu can be found in LUGGAGE_ISU_CHANGELOG.txt

The release is available at


A full list of changes to Luggage can be found in LUGGAGE_CHANGELOG.txt 

The release is available at

Release Notes:

  • This update includes a backported patch for jQuery. While the Drupal project tried to minimize regressions, make sure to test any features that may be affected by the jQuery update. See for more information.
  • This release also updates the Omega theme's git submodule URL to point to the new git infrastructure. 
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