Luggage_isu 3.5.0-5.0 Released


Please read the release notes below before upgrading.

Merged with upstream Luggage 3.5.0. Suitcase Interim is now included in this release and will be default when running the script. There are also improvements to Suitcase "Classic" and isushib in this release.

A full list of changes can be found in LUGGAGE_ISU_CHANGELOG.txt

Release Notes:

  • Upgrading a site from Suitcase Classic (included in the previous release of Luggage ISU) to Suitcase Interim is a manual process. Information about Suitcase Interim can be found in the Suitcase Interim README.
  • On a fresh build of Luggage ISU, Suitcase Interim will be the default theme. This can be overridden by adding the -t option to specify that you want the theme to be suitcase instead of suitcase_interim. E.g., `./scripts/ -t suitcase`.
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