Login - Changing who can edit your website


How to change who can log in to your websites

Luggage uses the luggage_isushib feature to provide access control. This feature uses authentication from Shibboleth (Okta) to provide a list of users who are allowed to log into the site.

To change who is allowed to log in, use the "Change who may access this site" menu item:

Screenshot of how to allow other people access

Then enter the netid of the person you want to give access to the site and click Submit:

Screenshot of bar where other netIDs are inserted

After clicking Submit the person's netid will appear in the list of netids with the Account Status set to "future", meaning they have not yet logged in.

Optionally, I can assign roles to future users. I trust "kakyle" who will be logging into the site shortly and co-managing the site with me, so I checked multiple roles. Generally, site editors for my site will have "content editor" permissions only and most faculty, staff, students who will want to update their profiles, will not have any roles selected, which means they have basic authentication rights. 

Screenshot of permission you can give each person