Installing an Individual Feature



Working with Luggage requires Drush and Git to be installed.

Step #1: Setting Up

Luggage features leverage many different Drupal modules and other Luggage features that need to be present before installation can be completed. Typically, when enabling a module using Drush, required dependencies are downloaded from and enabled. This will still happen with most dependencies, but not with other Luggage features because they are not hosted on Therefore, work needs to be done to bring those dependencies locally.

Investigating Feature Dependencies

The first step is to understand what Luggage dependencies are present. To do so, we need to browse the .info file of the feature we are trying to enable.

  1. Navigate to the feature repository.
  2. Open the feature .info file.
  3. Find the section for dependencies[]. These are required modules and features that are required to be present for things to work properly. You will notice that there will probably be some dependencies with the prefix luggage_. These are the Luggage features that we need to download by hand.
Note: Each luggage feature dependency will have luggage feature dependencies as well, which will need to be resolved.

Downloading Feature Dependencies

Features are added via Git submodules so that the parent repo knows about the status and can track its child Git repos. Adding a submodule with Git has already been covered elsewhere in the documentation.

All that needs to be done is to add each feature dependency as a submodule:

git submodule add sites/all/modules/luggage/luggage_contrib
git add .gitmodules sites/all/modules/luggage/luggage_contrib

This needs to be done for each dependency.

Step #2: Enabling the Feature

Now all that needs to be done is to enable the feature:

drush en luggage_contrib -y

You will see a very verbose output of all of the required Drupal modules as Drush does its magic. If you happened to miss a Luggage feature dependency, Drush will kindly tell you that it can't find it. Just add the submodule and try to enable the feature again.

That's it!

Now just navigate to your site and confirm that you have the feature enabled by navigating to Admin->Structure->Features, and then selecting the Luggage package to view all the Luggage features that you now have.

You're done!