Horizontal Lines


How to utilize the horizontal line button

Step 1: Using the horizontal line button

Next, let's look at the button located next to the table button: the horizontal line button. If you need to separate your content, then you may want to use the horizontal line.

Screenshot of body text with horizontal line button

To use the horizontal line break, simply click on the button. The line break will be inserted into your body text where your cursor is located. Here is what it looks like in the editor:

Screenshot with horizontal line highlighted

If your horizontal line is on the last or the first line of your text editor, you can hover your mouse over it. A red dotted line with an arrow symbol should appear. You can click on that to add a carriage return after your horizontal line.

Screenshot of the red dotted line

Step 2: View saved content

Below is an example of a page with three horizontal lines. Though it is full of dummy content, you can hopefully use the image get a good sense of how to effectively use the horizontal line feature to break up your content.

Screenshot of finished text with horizontal lines