Format Removal


How to utilize the formal removal button

Sometimes, you need to remove all of your formatting. Maybe you accidentally made the entire page into a header. Or maybe you accidentally bolded random parts of your news story. Either way, the remove formatting button is a useful tool in the CK Editor arsenal.

Step 1: Removing previous formats

This is where the format removal button is located:

Screenshot with format removal button highlighted

Using the format removal button should be intuitive now, after learning how to use all the other buttons. First, highlight the text with the formatting you want removed.

Screenshot showing what you should do before you click the format removal button

Next, click the format removal button.

Screenshot of text with formatting removed

It's that easy!

One thing to note: the format removal button will not remove tables, special characters, horizontal lines, quotes, bulleted lists, numbered lists, or links. It does remove bold, italic, underline, and header formatting.