Determining Your Version of Luggage


As of Luggage 3.2.2 we've made it easier to query Luggage for its version number. There are two ways to get the version number: on the site status page, and via drush.

Version from status page

Go to admin/reports/status and find the version in the list of status reports

Luggage Version shown on Drupal site status page

Version from drush

Luggage also provides a drush command to check versions. This can be useful in scripts that help you manage multiple sites.

# drush @alias luggage-version
LUGGAGE: 3.2.2

If you want to single out just one product without the label with drush, you can pass the option --product

# drush @alias luggage-version --product=LUGGAGE

Pro-tip: luggage-version can be shortened to lv

# drush @alias lv --product=LUGGAGE

Make a version for your fork

You can add a version to your fork of luggage. For example, we added a version to Luggage ISU. To add a version for your fork/product add a new PHP file to the root of the Drupal installation. Name it <PRODUCT>_VERSION.php. So, for example, Luggage ISU has a file called LUGGAGE_ISU_VERSION.php. The contents of the file should be as follows:

$version = "1.2.3";

$version should be a string. Once you have this, you should see the your product version on the site status page and with drush.