The Courses feature offers an easy and attractive way to simply display the courses that you will be offering during a given school year. The format makes it easy for users to interact with your courses list. Courses is a feature that is not turned on by default in our Luggage platform. If you would like this feature added to your site, please email and we'd be happy to add it!

Before we get started, let's take a look at a finished courses list. Course listings are put into a table upon creation that allows the user to view the course identifier, title, year and semester that the course will be offered.

Course Listings View

If you click on the title, you will be taken to a page for that course. A completed course listing will appear as follows.

completed course page

This page lists: the identifier, professors(s), year, semester, and a link to the course catalog. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a course listing.

Step 1: Creating a course listing

Login and go to the admin menu bar at the top of the page, hover over “Content” and select “Course” from the “Add Content” menu.

Content menu

Step Two: Add Information to Fields

To start creating your course, fill out the required fields. First, you will need to put in the course’s title/name.

Title Field

Next you have the option to add a link to the course catalog. While this is not required, it could be very helpful to users looking for more information. To add a link to your course in the course catalog, paste the URL in the box.

Catalog URL field

Next, add the course identifier. Make sure you capitalize the letters and add a space in between the letters and numbers as shown in the example.

course identifier field

If you wish, you can add one professor or multiple professors if it is applicable. If you wish to add more than one professor, you will need to click on the “Add another item” button to create another row for another professor.

one professor with an optional second

Additional professors are added to the list in order. If you wish to change the order of the listing, drag and drop the rows to the order that you prefer.

two professors added

Next you will select the year and semester that the course is offered. If you would like to select more than one option in either of these drop down menus, hold down command (on Mac) or control (on PC) while clicking the options you want. 

year and semester fields

SAVE. After saving, you will land on the completed course page.

completed course page

If you go to your courses page, you will find your new listing among other course listings, sorted alphabetically.

Course Listings View

Editing a Course 

If you find yourself needing to edit or update your already made course listing, follow the steps below to make any changes necessary. 

Click on the title of the course that you want to edit. This will take you to the course's page. 
Under the title, there will be a couple tabs. Select the "Edit" tab. 

Edit tab

Selecting "Edit" will take you to the same page you would see if you were creating a new course. You can change any of the fields as needed. 

Editing function

After you are done making your edits, press SAVE and you are done! 

You will be taken back to the course page where you can see your saved changes. You should get a notification in a green box that will indicate that your changes have been saved. 

Updated course

If you have questions about this tutorial, please contact Ann Greazel by emailing