Course Locations


How to add a course location to any course

When creating a page for a course, the first thing that you should do is create the course location. Your course location will link the user to the course room's page on the Facilities Planning and Management website. You will see the course location in action when it is used to create a course section later on in this tutorial series.

Step 1: Fill out required fields

First, let's take a look at the course location creation page. You'll notice that it is very simple, compared to our other content types. There is only a title field and a URL field.

Screenshot of the course location

Next, let's look at the individual fields you'll need to fill out. The first is the title field. When creating a course location, you will want to use the same room name that is used on the Facilities Planning and Management website. In this example. I'm going to use Science II room 115. I will title the room like this, which is how it is listed on the FPM website:

Screenshot of a filled title field

The next field is the URL field. Here is where you will enter the URL of your course location, which is usually on the FPM site. Note: the URL field is not required, so you do not have to enter a URL if your course's room does not have one.

Screenshot of the room's URL

Step 2: Saving your course location

After you finish filling all of that out, be sure to save your course location. Here is what the finished product will look like:

Screenshot of course location page

Let's move on to the second piece of the course puzzle: course instructor.