Course Listings


Do you need to make a listing of the courses you are planning on offering? Our course content module allows for the addition of multiple course sections, course instructors, and course locations. This series of tutorials will lead you through the process of creating a course catalog for your Luggage site.

Before we get started, let's take a look at a finished course listing. Course listings are put into a table upon creation that allows the user to view the course identifier, title, year, and semester. Here is what our example course table looks like:

Screenshot of a course listing table

If you click on a title, you will be led to the actual course listing page. Let's take a preliminary look at a completed course listing:

Screenshot of a course listing

This page has several components: course instructor, course location, course section, and the course page itself. In this tutorial, you will learn about every aspect of these content types and how to create each course listing component component in a logical sequence.


It is recommended that you follow the order of the tutorials listed below if it is your first time creating a course. Some content types, like course instructor and course locations, need to be created before you can make a course section.

With that in mind, let's start by creating a course location.