Course Instructors


How to add an instructor to any course

The next course-related content that you will need to create is the course instructor page. The course instructor page allows you to provide a biography and a profile picture for the course instructor to help students learn about them. You will see the course location in action when it is used to create a course section later on in this tutorial series.

Step 1: Creating a course instructor

Let's take a preliminary look at the course instructor creation page. Like course location, the course instructor content type is fairly simple compared to our other content types, such as announcement.

Screenshot of the course instructor page

Next, let's look at the title field. Even though it is labeled as the title field, it is actually a field for the course instructor's name. When you create a course section, you will be lead back to your course instructor's page with the title field.

Screenshot of the instructor's name

Let's add some biographical information into the body text. You can either get the instructor in question to write a summary for you, you can write one yourself, or you can pull some information from an already existing site. I'm getting my information about John VanDyk from his profile on the entomology website.

Screenshot of the body text on the course instructor page

Step 2:  Uploading an Image

Finally, let's upload an image for John VanDyk's page. Below the body text box (seen above), you will find a space where you can upload an image:

Screenshot of the course instructor image uploading space

From here, we can upload a profile picture for John that will appear on all of his course sections. Once again, I'm using the information found on his entomology department profile. First, click the browse button and you will be brought to a dialog box that looks like the one I have below:

Screenshot of the course instructor image uploading dialog box

After you select your image, click the "upload" button. Now, your image should look like this on the page:

Screenshot of the uploaded profile image

Now, save your page. The finished product should look similar to mine:

Screenshot of the finished course instructor page

Now you're halfway to making a completed course listing. The next lesson will cover the course section content type.