Contributing to Luggage


Where to Find the Developers

If you would like to contribute to Luggage, please jump into the IRC channel #luggage and introduce yourself. If you are unfamiliar you can read about IRC.

tl;dr - Overview

  1. Fork Luggage or Luggage ISU
  2. Create feature specific branch of the development branch
  3. Commit work against feature branch
  4. Merge feature branch into development branch
  5. Create pull request against Luggage development branch

Luggage and Luggage ISU use the gitflow method of git branching. Commits are done against the development branch, with occasional merges to the release branch where they will then get tested.

To contribute, you should fork the repo, then create a feature branch from the development branch. Once you are satisfied with your work, you can then merge your feature branch back into the development branch. You are now ready to create a pull request against the Luggage development branch! If you need help, ask in the IRC channel.

Why does it need to be so complicated?

Creating a feature specific branch will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Not doing so will likely result in messy merge conflicts due to the speed at which the Luggage codebase is moving.