Clearing your Browser Cache


How to quickly clear your browser cache

Sometimes after updating a site you may be asked to clear your browser's cache or temporary files in order to see changes or to help diagnose an issue. This cache stores web pages, images, and other resources so that the next time you visit a page, instead of downloading it all again, it will just use what was previously downloaded. Sometimes these cached files can get out of date after a site is updated. In order to force the browser to download the new files from the server we need to clear its cache.

Each web browser has a different way of clearing its cache.  On a lot of browsers you can get to your cache clearing settings by pressing the following key combinations:

Windows: Ctrl-Shift-Delete

Mac: Command-Shift-Delete

If those commands don't work, or you still need help has step-by-step instructions and some videos on how to clear browser cache on many popular web browsers and devices.