The Horticulture and Home Pest News website serves as a hub of expert information about gardening, landscaping, lawn care, home pest management, and much more. HortNews is built with the Luggage Drupal platform with the Suitcase theme from Biology IT.

The website for the Orth Research group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy is built with Luggage, has a powerful search function, and can be edited by anyone on their team.

About Luggage

Luggage is a platform for creating websites, targeted at academic websites for departments and researchers.

Note: Luggage has been superseded by the ISU Sites+ platform.


User Guide and Tutorials

If you're looking to get started editing your Luggage website, this is a great place to begin. In this guide, we walk you through everything from setting up your people profile to creating a video page.

Suitcase (ISU Theme)

In this guide we explore our original Drupal theme for ISU and how you can customize it for your website. This classic theme is utilized on many Iowa State University sites. However, stay tuned as BIT is working on a new Drupal theme for ISU and will be updating our guides soon.

Luggage Administrators Guide

Would you like to use Luggage within your own website environment? We will explain the technical side of how to get started and the inner-workings of the platform.