Isilon Research Directory Request Procedure


The research directory on the Isilon is administered by LAS Infrastructure/Operations and Research IT. They have established the following procedures for researchers and IT technicians. Exceptions are possible and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  1. The goal of the research directory is to provide researchers with storage for data that can be readily accessed from any machine on campus (or off-campus via VPN). Data placed in the research directory is backed up. However, it is not designed as a destination to manually copy files for backup; if you need to have local data on your desktop or laptop backed up please contact your IT support personnel for an appropriate solution that will back up those devices automatically.
  2. Access to the directory will be controlled by a single group managed by LAS Infrastructure/Operations and Research IT.
  3. All requests for new Isilon directories or exceptions to these procedures should be directed to

Isilon diagram