How to Have Outlook Discard Mail From an Address


These instructions show you how to have email from a certain email address deleted as it comes in, so it does not show up in your inbox.

Outlook allows you to create rules that match criteria and then perform actions.

To get started, log in to Okta at and then click on Outlook to reach the web interface for Outlook.

Outlook pane in Okta dashboard

Once you are in Outlook, click on the settings gear at the upper right of the screen.

Outlook settings gear icon

Next, look at the very bottom of the pane that just opened and click on the link that says View All Outlook settings:

Screenshot of View all Outlook settings link

This will bring you to the page on which you can create a rule:

Screenshot of Outlook add new rule page

Create the rule to match the incoming email address, and choose Delete as the action:

Outlook rule to delete email from an address

After you click Save, the new rule will look at any incoming email and if it is from it will delete the email and you will not see it in your inbox.