How do I connect to the File Server?


What is the File Server?

Note: most labs have moved to using CyBox instead of using the file server.

The file server is a place to put and share files. You connect to it over a network using a network path. The network path is how you tell your computer which file server to connect to.

Can I access the File Server from off campus?

Yes. The File Server is available to computers on campus, or computers off campus that use the VPN. The VPN establishes an encrypted connection (a "virtual private network") to ISU's campus. If you have not used the VPN before and need help setting it up, please contact Biology IT for assistance. Off-campus users will need to have a VPN connection established before following the instructions below.

How Do I Connect to the File Server?

Your procedure for connecting will depend on whether you are using Mac or Windows.

Connecting from a Mac

From the Finder, select Connect to Server from the Go menu. Then fill out the dialog box as follows, typing in the network path correctly (in this example we are using the network path to connect to the Entomology file server but your network path might be different):

Finder dialog for connecting to server

If you click the + button, your Mac will add this to your Favorite Servers list so you won't have to type it in again.

When you click Connect, you might be prompted to fill in your netid and your password. Your netid is the part of your ISU email address to the left of the @ sign. If you're successful, you'll see the shared files as a new volume:

image of mac finder view

Connecting from Windows on the ISU Domain

Go to the Start menu and click on Computer in Windows 7, or go to This PC in Windows 10. Then, in the address bar at the top of the window, type your network path (in this example, we use \\\cals\ENT to connect to the Entomology File Server but your network path might be different) and press Return.

This PC window in Windows 10

You will have one of two outcomes. Either a folder will appear in the window and you've been successful, or your computer will wait and wait and might eventually tell you that it could not connect. If you need help connecting, contact Biology IT for help.