Genome browser FTP server


We now have a public, anonymously accessible, FTP server configured for use with external tools, like the UCSC Genome Browser. This service allows these tools safe, anonymous access to the data, but does not allow for any external uploads.

Our server is: .

Accessing the Server

You can drop genome files on the server by connecting through SMB using the URIs below. Note that VPN is required for SMB connections to the server (even while on campus). See for information on setting up and using the VPN service.

From Windows:

After you have connected your VPN client, simply open a file browser window and type \\\gbrowse in the top bar.

From a Mac or Linux:

Open your Finder application, and click the 'connect to server' menu link. Type: smb:// in the window and click 'OK'. You will more than likely need to type in your ISU Net-ID and password in the pop-up box.


ucsc gbrowse screenshot example

Other Important Notes

  • Uploaded files are purged from the system after 5 days, to make capacity for further transmissions.
  • ​We are granting access to this a lab group at a time, based on the common group membership used for Research files and other computational machine access. If you would like access to this resource, please contact